Urban Sprawl


Better for neighborhoods:

PRT is unique in the manner in which it respects the existing character of our neighbourhoods.  Vehicle travel at 40dB or less, the sound of a golf cart compared to a 12 tonne diesel bus.  Small stations and elevated tracks are easier to fit into neighborhoods without demolishing homes or businesses.  No massive parking lots are required as PRT allows you to walk to a station and arrive rested, steps away from your destination, whether it’s work, shopping, school or entertainment. 


LRT systems encourage people to live in the suburbs and increases urban sprawl.  The unique design of PRT will encourage people to move into the city core to take advantage of the greater freedom of improved mobility.  This reduces taxes for everyone as people use existing infrastructure.  PRT is the only system that would allow families to save money by reducing the two-car household to one, saving thousands of dollars in car related expenses.


In the past 10 years, Edmonton has experienced a 33% increase in suburban population and a -1% loss in inner city areas.  This massive suburban growth and changing demographics leads to dire consequences as people must travel farther placing more demands for new roads and freeways.  In the context of transit, the low density and sprawling suburbs require buses to travel further each year in search of passengers with diminishing returns. 


Urban sprawl hurts us all, we must not continue with HST plans to provide service to the boundaries of Edmonton that encourage commuters to live evermore distant from where they work.  As Councillor Ron Hayter said on Feb. 06th, 2007, ”If LRT extension goes only where the population is booming, we will never see it in the older areas of the city.  It will always be going to the south.” 


We must focus Edmonton Transit’s activities to providing a higher level of service to the inner city and mature neighbourhoods to encourage infill and transit oriented developments.  Edmonton should devote a proper budget to investigate an integrated and sustainable transit system that would benefit a far greater percentage of the population by reducing automobile usage, improve neighbourhoods, increase development opportunities and solve public transit funding issues.



"I have to pay my municipal taxes to fund appalling urban sprawl. My taxes support neighbourhoods that are destroying mine, draining them of resources, people and density." David Kravinchuk, Edmonton












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